New range of branded sports drinks

Client Situation

  • A UK based globally renowned extreme sports brand seeking support to launch it’s innovative new range of all natural healthy lifestyle drinks in the Czech Republic.
  • In-country support required to gain listings, implement marketing and promotion campaigns, manage import and local distribution.

Our Approach

  • Central European energy and lifestyle drinks market reviewed
  • Business and marketing plan created including list of target retailers
  • Launch plan devised including selling price, cost, target margin, sales targets, promotion activities, and marketing.
  • A new range generic sales pitch was created and adapted for meetings with leading retailers in Czech Republic.
  • Client supported through new supplier process, agreeing terms and conditions, meeting legal and supply chain requirements

Business Benefits

  • The new range of products was successfully launched in the major Czech retailers.
  • Sales were supported by national promotions and in-store sampling resulting in listing extensions in some retail chains.