Energy saving device introduced to a retailer

Client Situation

  • UK based inventor and manufacturer seeking a leading multinational retailer listing for its innovative energy saving device
  • The product delivers significant energy savings when installed in commercial refrigeration equipment.
  • Access sought to senior level decision makers within the leading UK based grocery retailer
  • Retail know-how needed in order to prepare the go-to-market sales plan
  • Support required to develop the financial plan and develop target client pitches

Our Approach

  • The company and product was introduced to senior level contacts in the preferred retail company
  • A pilot proposal was tabled, agreed and pilot store selected.
  • Installation plan, pilot project plan, and cost proposal were prepared and shared with the client and their nominated preferred supplier of refrigeration equipment.
  • Consultant acted as project coordinator managing interfaces between client, retailer and refrigeration supplier.
  • Pilot store was set up and the trial commenced with ongoing monitoring of the impact on energy consumption.
  • Interim and final reports prepared by the consultant with recommendations for implementation and roll-out.
  • The client was supported through the process of approval with the retailers senior group management.

Business Benefits

  • Enthusiastic acceptance of the proposal by the target retailer led swiftly to a pilot in one of its state of the art stores.
  • The pilot was successfully planned and implemented in cooperation with the retailers’ preferred refrigeration supplier.
  • Trial results gave significant cost savings which when extrapolated across the global business equated to several million £’s per year.
  • The client assumed day to day management of the retailer relationship dealing directly with technical and operational issues.