Fire extinguishing spray launched in UK

Client Situation

  • A Central European entrepreneur and manufacturer of an innovative new fire extinguishing spray seeking UK retail market launch.
  • Retail know-how and contacts needed in order to prepare the go-to-market sales plan
  • Support required to develop the financial plan and develop target client pitches

Our Approach

  • UK retail market and competitor product review conducted to establish entry price, target margin and marketing pitch.
  • Identified a group of target retailers with well developed Home Safety categories.
  • A sales pitch was prepared for the fire extinguishing spray and presented at an initial meeting with the Category Manager/Buyer for the largest UK retailer.
  • Client supported through new supplier process, agreeing terms and conditions, meeting legal and supply chain requirements

Business Benefits

  • The product was successfully launched in the leading UK retailer’s largest class of stores as part of the planned range change cycle.
  • Sales target expectations were achieved leading to a range extension to the top 700+ stores.
  • Day to day account management handed over to the client once the objectives of the market launch were successfully achieved.