Market research for key haircare brand

Client Situation

  • Branded hair and beauty care manufacturer seeking market research before entry into developing Central European modern retail and drugstore sectors.
  • An upmarket salon range of haircare products to be launched initially in Poland.
  • The client wants to understand the terms and conditions of doing business with the leading retailers in the region.
  • Retail know-how needed in order to evaluate the go-to-market sales and financial plans
  • Support required to further develop the financial plan and develop target client pitches
  • Access needed to the appropriate commercial buying functions in major hypermarket and drugstore chains if launch progresses

Our Approach

  • A telephone questionnaire review was done of the main players in the hypermarket and drugstore sectors of the Polish market.
  • Comprehensive evaluations across a range of retailers to understand buying terms and conditions, promotions, new store, range extension and marketing contributions, and the ranging process for new product launches.
  • Full market research and review of the main competitor products, focusing in particular on the clients’ main rival.
  • Recommendations made regarding entry selling price, target margin and marketing pitch
  • A comprehensive overview and market analysis presented to the company’s senior international sales management in the UK HQ
  • The client was provided with a list of key contacts

Business Benefits

  • Following the market research and review the client decided not to launch the brand in Poland.